Renee R.
November 2017

Awesome day on the river! Big thanks to Captain Chris and 'Sr Deck Hand' Megan for a fun ride and lots of cool facts!

Ann H.
November 2017

Fun and informative river tour, with beautiful scenery and awesome boat! Great for all ages.

Jennifer D.
December 2017

I was a guest on the Dec 23 river trip. I’ve never done this type of boat excursion and I loved it!  The boat made it comfortable. The people made it warm and educational. I enjoyed the balance of a great ride with the wind nearly blowing our hats off and then just sitting quietly looking for wildlife in nature. Staff was very attentive and friendly.

Wendy B.
February 2018

We had a great time on our dolphin trip, will look you up next time we’re in town to do some birding too!

Chet Z.
March 2018

My wife and I took the River Tour. It was great fun. The boat was comfortable and we learned a great deal about the different environments along the Loxahatchee from the dunes and mangroves in the Jupiter Inlet to the cypress swamps in Jonathan Dickinson State Park. It was enjoyable to spend a day out on the water. Captain Chris and Meghan, the River Center Naturalist, did a first class job!

Julie A.
March 2018

Wonderful wildlife exploring tour in Jupiter with Captain Chris and 1st mate Lynn! They took the time to make sure everyone was comfortable with the inflatable lifejackets, explained a little about their very unique boat, even offered us a choice of beverages before we left the dock. Saw several different osprey pairs and some babies on their nests, lots of herons and egrets, one manatee and we think two dolphins (never came back up so not sure). Adults loved learning about the local nature and history. Teenage kids loved going fast! Great tour, something for everyone!   

Mimi and Earl B.
April 2018

We loved the boat and the Lox river trip was great! We’ll bring our teenage grandchild with us when we come back next year, thanks for the fun time!

Mike and Arlene C.
May 2018

My wife and I booked a sightseeing trip on this crazy inflatable boat for our kids and grandkids. We had never ridden on one of these before and so we had no idea what to expect. The ride is so smooth you can forget you’re on a small boat really close to the water. Until you open your eyes and remember you’re on a small boat really close to the water. Almost like flying, incredible experience in front seats!

Lynne and Pat P
June 2018

In May, 2018, we took a high speed sightseeing trip with Captain Chris from Jupiter, Florida.  Chris was amazing to work with.  He was flexible and really tailored the trip to meet the needs and interests of everyone in the boat.  He was very knowledgeable about the area and wildlife.  We highly recommend Aqua Adventure Tours.  We plan on calling Chris again when we return to the area!

The River Center
August 2018

Thank you for working with our summer camp programs again this year! We had a successful season and you helped us achieve our goal of connecting kids with the natural world and instilling an appreciation of nature to last their lifetimes. Thanks for all your hard work, we look forward to partnering with you in the future! 

Marinelife Center
September 2018

We had a wonderful experience with Aqua Adventure Tours for our Junior Marine Biologist summer camp program. Captains Chris and Lynn provided excellent and easy service, guidance and an overall smooth outing for our camp counselors and campers. The Osprey is comfortable and easy to work with field activities and wildlife spotting and they even chimed in as we passed their familiar spots for osprey nests and other gems of the local area. We are looking forward to working with Aqua Adventure Tours in the future!

Miguel & Donna P.
September 2018

Everyone had a great time! If you're looking to spend the day soaking up some Florida sun, riding the waves on a super fun watercraft and learning a thing or two about our unique Florida coastal scenery, then I highly recommend Aqua Adventure Tours. If you're into speed on the water, you'll get a thrill out of that too. All in all, it made for a memorable day and we were all glad we went. Thank you Aqua adventure tours for an awesome day!