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Time spent outdoors is one of the greatest gifts we can share with others.

Aqua Adventure Tours loves getting people outdoors! From high-speed sightseeing to a variety of nature, photo and sporty excursions, plus freestyle exploring for small groups, we host fun and exciting experiences along some of Florida's most beautiful waterways and coastlines. Just pick the trip that best suits you and your group, and let the adventure begin! 


Click to review the Terms of Conveyance, Ready to Ride Checklist and Waiver & Release before joining us onboard.  We use e-waivers during online booking to reduce paper waste but you can review the waiver ahead of time if you like. 

Hey school groups! We offer special pricing for school + home school groups as well as non-profits that focus on environmental education. Many of our trips are easy to adapt for Common Core and NGSS for Grades 4 -12. If you think your students would enjoy some on-water learning, just send us an e-mail with your specifics. We're happy to work with you to customize an outing they'll remember all year!

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Nature is not just some place outdoors.

It's home. 


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The Aqua Adventure Tours idea

Growing up in northern New York and just an hour from Canada, my parents encouraged my siblings and I to get outdoors whenever possible and whatever the weather. Mom and Dad were usually pretty direct but they could be tricky removing the fuse for the TV on Saturday mornings. They'd claim the boob-tube overheated and tell us kids to “get outdoors”, saying we’d have more fun out there anyway. And out we went!  

My parents’ constant encouragement to “get outdoors” was one of their greatest gifts to me and my siblings. And with four probably helped preserve their sanity too!  

In a world full of distractions, being outdoors helps people relax and focus, sharpens our senses, and keeps us open to new experiences.   

Sadly, many people spend very little time outside these days. Demanding schedules, less free time, structured playtimes and electronic devices have all changed how we play and enjoy our free time.

There are real concerns that lifestyle changes are causing people to no longer care much about the outdoors. Which could easily lead to the loss of some very special and irreplaceable places.       

Aqua Adventure Tours was started to help address these concerns. Getting outdoors helps people develop greater respect for the habitats in which we all like to live and play.  

By offering fun and exciting ways to safely explore local waterways, we hope we can help people build, strengthen and rediscover their own connections to the outdoors! 

Whether it's a vacation or education trip, with family or friends, for work or for play, we'd love to have you join us outdoors and on the water.   

Welcome aboard!

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