The idea behind Aqua Adventure Tours

Growing up in northern New York and just an hour from Canada, my parents encouraged my siblings and I to get outdoors whenever possible and whatever the weather. They’d pull the fuse for the TV on Saturday mornings, tell us “the boob-tube overheated again - get outdoors - you’ll have more fun out there anyway.” And out we went.

My parents’ constant encouragement to “get outdoors” was one of their greatest gifts. At Aqua Adventure Tours, we try to pass that gift along to others every day!  

Aqua Adventure Tours offers a variety of fun, exciting and informative trips, all focused on getting people outdoors again!

Our tours + excursions are a perfect fit for small groups + families of all ages looking for an on-water adventures.

With pickup locations throughout The Palm Beaches + South Florida, it’s easy to start your own adventure right away.

Just click “AAT Trips” to learn more about the trips we offer, and feel free to e-mail us for more info. Hope to see you soon!

Capt. Chris Thalmann
Aqua Adventure Tours, Inc.